The Best Chicory Coffee Brewing Methods

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I’m going to take you on an interesting journey through the world of chicory coffee, a beverage that might not be in every coffee lover’s cup but surely deserves recognition. This isn’t just about coffee; it’s about a unique ingredient that adds a whole different dimension of taste and experience.

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Chicory coffee isn’t your typical brew. It’s roots from the chicory plant. These roots are roasted and ground, revealing a flavor that’s nutty, slightly woody, and with a touch of natural sweetness. Now that’s a departure from your regular morning Joe!

Chicory root being grounded down into chicory coffee grounds

You’re going to find out about the historical roots of chicory coffee, which go back to times of scarcity when coffee was a luxury some couldn’t afford. It’s fascinating how this necessity turned into a cherished tradition in certain cultures, giving us a historical gem that’s still savored today.

Beyond its history, there are health benefits to savor. People choose chicory for its potential to ease digestive issues, thanks to the inulin content, and for being a caffeine-free alternative. These qualities are making chicory coffee a sought-after choice among health-conscious consumers and those who are sensitive to caffeine.

If you’re curious about how to brew this intriguing beverage, I’ve got you covered in the next section. We’ll explore different methods, starting with the pour over technique, to craft the perfect cup of chicory coffee.

Mastering Chicory Coffee with the Pour Over Method

Chicory coffee being made with the pour over method


  1. Place the filter in the cone and rinse with hot water to remove paper taste and preheat vessel.
  2. Add ground chicory coffee to the filter.
  3. Wet all grounds with a small amount of water to allow the bloom (release of carbon dioxide) for about 30 seconds.
  4. Continue pouring water in a slow, steady spiral, avoiding edges. The process should last about 2.5 to 3 minutes.

If you’re eager to savor the nuanced flavors of chicory coffee, mastering the pour over method is a fantastic place to start. This technique is revered for its ability to coax out the deep, rich essence of chicory coffee, offering a clean and intricate taste profile that truly honors the ingredients.

To begin this adventure, you’re going to need a few essentials: a pour over cone, like the V60 or Chemex, some freshly ground chicory coffee, a gooseneck kettle for precise water control, and naturally, the willingness to experiment. Selecting the right kind of filter, whether paper or metal, also impacts the flavor and body of the brew.

Here’s how you do it: First, place the filter in the cone and rinse it with hot water to remove any paper taste and preheat your brewing vessel. Add the ground chicory coffee to the filter. Now, start your pour with just enough water to wet all the grounds — this is called the bloom. It allows the coffee to release any carbon dioxide and begin to extract evenly.

After about 30 seconds, continue pouring the water in a slow, steady spiral, taking care not to pour directly onto the edges. The entire process should last about two and a half to three minutes. The patience you show here is key, as it ensures a consistent extraction and unveils the chicory coffees alluring notes.

The tips that can take your pour over from good to extraordinary include using water at the proper temperature (around 200 degrees Fahrenheit) and a consistent grind size that’s similar to sea salt. The right ratio of Chicory root to water (a good starting point is 1 gram of chicory root to 15 grams of water) is vital, so don’t worry too much about scales and measurements initially—you can always fine-tune as you brew more.

What you’ll taste after this is a transcending cup of chicory coffee that resonates with smooth and earthy undertones, offering a different experience from the more common brewing methods. Every brew is a chance to refine your technique.

Unlocking Robust Flavors: French Press Chicory Coffee

Chicory coffee being steeped in a French press.

The French Press, with its simple design and robust brewing method, is a perfect match for the earth tones of chicory coffee. This beloved tool is key for those looking to enjoy a richer, fuller-bodied cup.


  1. Combine ground chicory with hot water in the French Press.
  2. Let it steep for about four minutes (or adjust to taste).
  3. Press down to separate the grounds from the brew.

Using a French Press allows the chicory coffee to fully mingle with the water, resulting in a deep infusion of flavors. The process is straightforward: you’ll combine ground chicory with hot water and let it steep, then press down to separate the grounds from your potent brew.

Temperature control is critical here. You’ll want to use water just off the boil, around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, to coax the best notes from the chicory without scalding it. Steep time is also vital; typically, four minutes will yield a robust cup, but feel free to experiment.

While the French Press method does require a bit of patience, it’s well worth the wait. This method is exceptional at capturing the smooth yet earthy profile of chicory, making each sip a cozy, satisfying experience.

Now, if you’re curious as to whether there’s a method that puts a spin on tradition, while still delivering a dynamic chicory flavor, you’re in for a treat. The Aeropress technique, coming up next, is your fast track to a smooth, flavorful cup with a modern twist.

The Aeropress Advantage for Chicory Coffee

chicory coffee being made with an aeropress.

If you’re on the hunt for a method that both coffee and chicory enthusiasts swear by, enter the Aeropress. This nifty contraption is celebrated for its versatility and the rich, smooth coffee it produces. When it comes to brewing chicory coffee, the Aeropress doesn’t disappoint.

In my experience, the Aeropress truly shines with its ability to fine-tune the brewing variables. The pressure exerted when plunging ensures a full expression of chicory’s deep, woodsy notes. But, how exactly do you wield this tool to get the best out of your chicory? Well, I’m here to help you with that.


  1. Pour enough water to saturate the grounds.
  2. After 30 seconds, continue filling the chamber with water.
  3. Steep for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Steadily press down on the plunger.

First, gather some freshly ground chicory coffee, your Aeropress, and hot water – just off the boil is perfect. The assembly is as simple as placing a filter in the basket and twisting it onto the chamber. Now, add your coffee, and don’t be shy with the chicory – it’s robust enough to handle a generous scoop.

Then, pour your water in stages: begin with just enough to saturate the grounds, and after 30 seconds, continue to fill the chamber. It’s a dance of precision and patience, where timing is everything. You’ll want to steep it for about one to two minutes before steadily pressing down on the plunger. The coffee that emerges will have a distinctive, velvety chicory character.

Brewing with the Aeropress is a bit like a science experiment, and it’s exciting. You can always adjust your approach, experimenting with brew times or the grind size until you hit your sweet spot. That’s the strategy I like to leverage with this method, embracing the journey of discovery it offers.

I really hope that you enjoy the Aeropress technique for your chicory coffee. But if you lean more towards traditional coffee rituals, then you’re going to cherish what the next section covers. We’re taking a deep dive into the Moka Pot, an age-old brewing method beloved by chicory coffee purists. Stay tuned for a return to the classics with timeless charm.

Craft a Classic: Chicory Coffee in a Moka Pot

Chicory coffee brewing in a moka pot

Now, after exploring various methods to brew chicory coffee, I hope the journey has been as aromatic and inviting as the beverage itself. The Moka Pot stands out for its timeless approach, infusing tradition with every sip.


  1. Prepare the Moka Pot
  2. Add Water
  3. Add Chicory Grounds
  4. Assemble the Pot
  5. Heat the Moka Pot

Choosing the Moka Pot for your chicory brew isn’t just a nod to the past; it’s about experiencing a method that has stood the test of time, guaranteeing a strong and full-bodied cup. It’s perfect for those mornings when you’re craving depth, both in flavor and in ritual.

In my opinion, the Moka Pot doesn’t just brew coffee; it’s a storyteller, sharing tales of old cafes and cobblestone streets with each bubble that rises through its chamber. And when it’s filled with the nutty, earthy notes of chicory, you’re not just having a cup of coffee – you’re partaking in a piece of history.

So my question to you today is: Which chicory coffee brewing method will you use? Is it the precision of the Pour Over, the richness of the French Press, the innovation of the Aeropress, or the heritage encapsulated in the Moka Pot?

Remember, your first attempt probably won’t be your last. Play around with the grind, the ratios, and the brew times until you find that perfect balance that sings to your taste buds. Don’t worry too much about perfection; it’s all about the learning curve and the joy found in the process.

I really hope that this guide has illuminated the path to your ideal cup of chicory coffee. Thanks for walking through this journey with me, and if you’ve got a moment, I’d love to hear your feedback or any chicory tales you’d like to share. Brew, taste, and enjoy!

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